Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So i was watching the news, about how wallstreet has taken advantage of us and basically tricked us. But really? Did people think they were getting money from trees? Its a gamble game, for you to win someone else loses. Also our economic capitalist system is like that. A gamble, a game. For you to get money someone else loses. What if i told you we could have 0% unemployment and unlimited money? The equal money system is capable of this. Find out how, and join the investigation @

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weapon dealer

I just came from seeing the movie The American with George Clooney. Now George is very kind-hearted and he would only star in a movie where he plays a weapon dealer if the message in the end dissuades weapon dealing. In the end he dies being able to see the girl who he recently fell for. You could say something along the lines of: crime doesn't pay, it was karma, he had it coming to him. What is true that if you sell guns there is a chance you will die. Unfortunately in our economic system, the greater risk the greater reward. Shouldn't we be trying to create a system that minimizes risk? To improve safety? Why are we living in a system that rewards it? Maybe its because we all secretly hope to do something slightly illegal or cheat yet still within the laws in order to reap our own rewards. That's just plain stupid. Think about all the people who die, get sick, permanently injured or starve from people doing such illegal or deceitful things. Too many. And one is reason enough to stop, permanently, forever. Lets do this. Support equal money by bloggin too!
Weapon dealers won't find work in equal money

Friday, May 20, 2011

Communism summary

Today i read the following on Communism: Marxists
I read up until the third page because upon finishing i knew that such a theory could never and should never be put into practice if you want to have a happy ending. The third page is titled Communist theories and Principles.
So i want to point out what i learned as to what defines a communist culture/society. First they believe destroying any non-communist. Literally. Second they believe in completely destroying everything of the pre-existing society in order to start from scratch. Literally. Third, but not least, they believe they need a dictator one who decides everything including religion, marriage, and education. In an equal society well its not an equal society. lol
its funny how many, including myself have been brainwashed by the media and teachers to think communism actually cared about equality when all they wanted was a equally irresponsible society, having one leader taking All the pressure and decision-making. How irresponsible is that? It's simply a king based society.

So in equal money, those who have participated and have decided to support it have already made decision to place themselves in position of support. We are to re-educate man by first stopping our programming/brainwashing by re-washing and reprogramming to breath, equality and oneness. So to be the leaders who want to bring about a world of leaders through an equal money system. Desteniiprocess is the systematic-organized approach to educate your self. From there we act within the rules of society, and vote democratically. The proposal will be placed in 20 years. In the meantime we establish a recruiting ground for leaders, i.e. living examples of one-and-equal as life. Look us up on the recruiting ground. Or visit the forum where research is done at